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Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe
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Aubrey, USA

I have been to 7 camps in Zimbabwe and Zambia in the last few weeks. Goliath / Stretch is by far the highlight of them all! And I have been to many in my life - from an old African.

Dominique and Elisabeth, France

Fantastic! Amazing, so beautiful. Thanks so much Stretch and the Goliath Team. We'll never forget these two days in Mana Pools, Goliath Camp. Heartbreaking to leave Goliath Safaris! All our wishes for the future of the camp and thanks to Stretch and his team for this great lesson about bush life.

Andrew and Emma, Dallas, Texas

Thank you to Stretch and everyone at the Goliath Camp for making our experience one we will never forget. Mark our words, we will be back and we'll bring a whole group! See you soon.

Diane, Trip Advisor Review

We were recommended Goliath camp and the legendary Stretch by friends. We fully understand why, just sorry it took us so long to get there. Beautifully nestled on the edge of the Zambezi, Goliath camp makes for a tranquil, comfortable and beautiful experience of Mana Pools. We loved the unique walking, kayaking and trekking experience with Stretch and the team - the whole experience was a standout highlight of our Zimbabwe trip. We have never seen so much game on foot before despite having walked many times in the bush. We also now have a whole new appreciation of some special bull elephants. Catering was great - will we ever forget our beautiful candlelit anniversary dinner and the inspired dancing by Stretch, 'Mana style'. Thank you Flo, Stretch and the Goliath team for an amazing fun, warm experience, we can't wait to get back!

Christina, San Francisco, USA, Trip Advisor Review

If you're considering Mana Pools, book Goliath and pay whatever they ask. It's worth it at twice the price. Not only is the location perfect but the camp is luxurious while being rugged at the same time, the camp staff are wonderful, and it really feels "in the bush!" This was my first safari and first time in Africa but these were the last five days of my trip so I considered myself a little experienced. But Goliath is unparalleled, utterly unique.

Stretch, the owner and "elephant whisperer" guide is a character! Always making jokes, pretending to fire his staff multiple times per day, calling the lions we couldn't find "bastards" and then cracking everyone up with flirting and teasing over meals. His personality is a force of nature. But the most impressive and wonderful thing about Stretch is his relationship with the animals, particularly the elephants, in the park.

Within two hours of arrival (short flight followed by short drive into camp), I was standing four feet away from an elephant and getting my picture taken!! Stretch models and teaches respect for wildlife and it's hard not to fall in love with Mana in the way he has. (I cried when I left, and apparently lots of people do.)

The tents are extremely spacious with bathrooms and showers at the back. The outdoor shower experience was delicious! It's enclosed by a bamboo fence but open to the sky and it feels great. The food was wonderful and, just like everywhere else in Zimbabwe, we were fed every two to three hours. Unlike everywhere else though I needed it! We did a lot of walking!!

We also had a canoe trip down the Zambezi that was sooooo romantic and beautiful and spiced with a little bit of almost-too-close hippos and crocodiles.

Tracking the lion was also really exciting! We only found them once, briefly, but I'll never forget how my blood turned cold when the thicket about 20 feet in front of me started to growl. The lions fled soon after so I didn't get pictures, but what an experience! Seeing the bush on foot is intense, but with Stretch I never felt unsafe - even when we were mock-charged by a young bull elephant.

I highly recommend booking one or two more days here than you think you'll want.

Lisa and Trevor Demaine, Perth, Australia

Thank you so much Stretch, Flo and the team. We had the best time. This place was better than we could have imagined. Everything we have done has been wonderful, the guides are terrific and shared so much interesting information. The elephants are amazing especially the ones we met close and personal!! The canoe and sunset trip was mind blowing and so much fun. Everyone has made our time here so special. The food, our beautiful clean clothes popped on our bed, just magic. What an experience. Thank you.


Megan (The one who can paddle really fast!), Camden, USA

There really is no point in coming to Mana without staying here. This place makes you feel just at home. Its like you're part of the family here. Special thanks to the man himself, Stretch. Throughout the entire stay here, I have never felt more safe around wild lions. Thanks to Stretch. I have never laughed so hard either. Incredibly sad to leave this place. Definitely Stretch-ed to the limit! Thank you so so much for this unforgettable experience.

David Fettes, Surrey, England

.....if I were an agent putting together an itinerary for guests that included Goliath Safari Camp, I would put it at the end of the trip. To put it at the beginning would ruin the rest of the safari as nothing else would match the memories from Goliath and the experiences there. over forty camps I have been through in Southern Africa, there is a sameness in the experience, with small variations in the delivery, dictated by the range of animals and vegetation in the particular area. However the experience I had at Goliath Safaris was truly unique.
The Goliath experience starts from the moment you arrive at the camp. The intimacy of the camp is emphasized by the delicious meals under the stars, cooked by Victor, who must surely have been stolen from one of Harares top restaurants.
Mana became one of my most favourite places on earth and to be able to walk endlessly through it with the animals in utter peace is perfect therapy to repair the mind from the damage of a busy world.
Thank you for your hospitality, generosity of spirit and sense of fun, and thank you for taking me to the lions - that was something of a highlight for a chap from England!! I notice the lions were equally impressed!
I crammed a lifetime into a week and would love to come back. See you next year.

Amy and Stephen Sills, USA

...Words cannot describe the wonderful warmth and hospitality that Stretch and Flo gave us. Truly unbelievable!  The food, the conversation, and being a part of this camp were truly a treat. And we must not forget the animals - the lion tracking, Bruce the hippo, the elephants and the hunt for the wild dogs. Thank you all.

Peter Tarr and Julia Larson, New Zealand

...Thanks Stretch, Flo and team for a fantastic couple of days. All expectations were exceeded - game drives, walks, canoeing, camp, food, everything! Wonderful and knowledgeable staff really made for an unforgettable experience. We will be back!

Richard McElvoy, Australia

...Been coming to Mana for 18 years and nothing has matched this trip. Great experiences don’t happen too often in life and this was one of them!

Jenny Tullis, Cape Town

...5 nights- the city life has faded, our bodies have been cleansed of adrenaline, our souls have been filled by the beauty of nature. Thank you Stretch for being the uniquest of channels. We long to return before we have even left.

Pierre Frouin, France

...Tout simplement magnifique!
Je recommende ce sejour a tous ceux qui  veulent decouvrir la beaute de l’Afrique!!

Andrew and Julia Mama, Harare

...Great trip for first timers in Mana.  Great adrenaline rush! A truly great spot with  super hospitality, good food and we will be back with more friends.

Pat Fin Pierre, USA

...Truly wonderful vista, unbelievable wildlife, serenity, warm hospitality, great food and service. It lives up to the hype! Thank you.

Peter Linley, Cape Town

...What an incredible time and the way Stretch taught us more about the bush and the nature of the animals was awesome. Thank you.

Steve and Marj Hart, Canada

...To Stretch and Flo  and all the team at Goliath - THANK  YOU!
What a place with great people and game. Growled at by lions, sitting amongst wild dogs, snacks with the elephants, all capped with wonderful service. We loved it and will be back. Stay wild and excited about your Mana Pools paradise. Soon to return…